Saturday, 8 October 2011

Artic Tern at Sheepwash

This morning I got a text from Midlands Birder saying that Martin Yapp(who has a blog called Regional Tick) had spotted an Artic tern at sheepwash urban park, so I thought I would check it out, of course after the usual waiting for half an hour on a bus that needed to go a mile, terrible!!!

When i got there i checked to see where it was last spotted, on the rocky islands flying around that area, and it was perched on a rock near the waters edge. I think because it was a juvinille it didnt seem to mind me, even when I was perched on a rock 20-30 meters away, only flying when a Lesser Black Back Gull took a peck at it, and shortly landing again on the rocks.

Also got an ok picture of an adult and Juvinille Great Crested Grebe.

Good Luck Out There, GB.


  1. Arctic Terns are always good birds to catch up with...I never tire of them