Tuesday, 18 October 2011


From now on I have decided to post some of my drawings, generally the pictures are influenced by recent events.
Here is a picture of the infomus Ruddy Duck, the most wanted on DEFRA's list, a beautiful bird that has been reduced to possibly less than a hundred, just because the White Headed Duck in spain can crossbreed with it.
Next week is the Little Egret
Good Luck Birding-Gornal Birder.

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  1. Nice drawings...you've captured the birds well

    Don't even start me off on the Ruddy Duck cull! I dropped out of the RSPB a few years back due to their support of it.

    Luckily a few survive but local birders no longer publish sightings off them.

    As for the White-headed duck..more of a problem lies in the fact that a lot of damage is being done by habitat loss...so many near coastal pools and marshes in Spain are being re-developed for building purposes...this is catastrophic and far more damaging than the percieved inter-breading! Here endeth my Rant