Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Teal, Pochard, and a Parakeet!!!!

Me and Midlands Birder had decided to go to Sheepwas Urban Park, and when we got there it looked like it was going to be dull, with not much activity, but after scanning the lake we noticed some Teal over the other side in front of the Sand Martin Bank. When we got closer we noticed that there were 9 Teal, with a few pochards swimming around them.

After this we went across the back of the river and suddenly MB shouts PARAKEET!
We quickly relocated it and then we followed it as it was constantly mobbed by magpies, and took these photos. Later we found out it was a Alexandrine Parakeet due to the purple on its wings, probably an escapee, but it was  a welcome suprise.

If you want to see some brilliant videos and pictures, go to Midland Birders blog, good luck out there, Gornal Birder

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  1. Don't be too delighted about the Parakeet. There will be others!